Junk Free Margarita Jell-O Shot Recipe

In this video, Andrea shows us how she made her crowd-pleaser #junkfree margarita Jell-O shots, so you, too, can make them at home!

When you hear “Jell-O shots”, you’re probably reminded of a rowdier, maybe more carefree time in your life. There’s also a chance you can’t remember much at all, and that’s OK, too.

We’re here to kick the dust off of those old memories and introduce to you a cleaner, classier (and–most certainly–noteworthy) recipe with you that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your next get together.

Who: Co-Founder Andrea + Catherine Stiles (AKA Barbecue Wife)

June 2019 marked the second annual Margarita Competition hosted by Erica and her husband, Greg. This year, Andrea made Jell-O shots with Barbecue Wife Texas Smoked Honey Margarita Mix as made by her friend and business owner Catherine Stiles. Andrea met Catherine during her time living and working in Austin, TX, and she’s been a fan of her craft cocktail line since it launched.

What: Barbecue Wife Margarita Mix + Tequila 512

When Catherine Stiles set out to create a line of unique craft cocktail mixers, she was inspired by the attention to detail and the “no corners cut” methods of preparation used in smoking Central Texas craft barbecue.

And, of course, every good Jell-O shot has a little bit of booze in it! While you can use just about any kind of tequila your little heart desires for this recipe, Andrea and her husband are partial to Austin’s own Tequila 512 Blanco.

Why: Crowd-Pleaser Meets #junkfree

While our recipe does call for you to add a few tablespoons of sugar, you really can’t go wrong with Barbecue Wife Margarita Mix for a bunch of reasons, but mainly because it’s #junkfree.

Barbecue Wife Margarita Mix is a blend of real Lime Juice, not from concentrate, Texas Hill Country filtered water, and hand Smoked Texas Honey–yes, smoked honey is a thing!

How: Save the Recipe

Check out our video to see step-by-step instructions for you can make these at home for your next get together. Tag us @thenotedexperiment with your variations so we can add them to our growing list of things worth noting. #NOTED

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