The Secret Life of Bees with James Vasich at Aledo Apiary

We’ll do our best to spare you from the ungodly number of bee puns we came up with during our latest experiment, but we’re not making any promises. What we will promise you though: James Vasich at Aledo Apiary is incredibly knowledgable about bees and we’re so stoked he let us follow him around with a camera while he tended to his many bee colonies.

Who: James Vasich + The Honey Bees 🐝

When the ladies of The Noted Experiment first kicked this thing off, we brainstormed a big list of experiences and things we wanted to get into in and around our community and one of those things was taking a beekeeping class. So, Andrea reached out to a few folks and James Vasich of Aledo Apiary was more than welcoming to our cameras and new-bee *ahem* questions about beekeeping.

Why: It’s True What They Say #savethebees

James spent a lot of time walking us through his hives (all rescue hives he’s extracted from the area), explaining the ins and outs of what makes bees such an important part of our ecosystem. Imagine a world without pollination, and you can forget about a good portion if not all of our food sources… everything from plants to animals rely heavily on nature’s pollination, so it is true what they say – our honey bee friends need all the help they can get. The first step is knowing more about what can help them (and hurt them), even if you never plan to maintain a hive of your own.

How: Get Involved with a Local Beekeeper or Beekeeping Association

Watching our video will give you a little glimpse into the life of a beekeeper, but there are also a ton of resources available to us right here in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex if you want to get hands on. Here are a few to get you started…

  • Aledo Apiary: James specializes in extraction but he’s happy to show people around his hives, including the process for extracting and making honey.
  • Texas Bee Supply Beginning Beekeeping Class: Learn what you need to know to keep bees and produce honey in this extensive 1-day, 6 hour beginning beekeeping class. 
  • JC’s Honey Bees: So, whether you are thinking about beekeeping, you just bought you first hive, or you’re someone who is just interested in seeing a beehive firsthand – this is the right class for you! If you are unable to attend our scheduled class dates or times, you may consider a private class. Contact Jason direct for more details.

Have you ever taken a bee course? We’d love to hear about it! Leave us a comment or tag us on social media @thenotedexperiment #Noted

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