Willie + Wine with The Little Art Bus

Who: Niki Little, Artist + Owner of The Little Art Bus

The Little Art Bus began with Niki’s passion for bringing art and creativity wherever there was a need.

“I started going to daycare centers, just wheeling out my cart and bins full of art supplies and doing art with little kids… now I just roll up with my art studio.”

Niki Little, Artist + Owner of The Little Art Bus

What: Mobile Art Studio

Now, Niki and her team can bring an art studio to homes, workplaces, parks… pretty much anywhere there’s room to park her beautiful bus that she lovingly refers to as Betty!

Why: Great for Kid + Adult Parties

Niki and her team offer events for people to register for, but she also spends a lot of time getting messy with private parties for kids and adults alike.

How: Book Online

Niki says you can call or email, but the best way to book with The Little Art Bus is to jump on their website and fill out a contact form.

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