Herbal Oil Class with Pablo’s Lotus

Who: Cherissa Scott of Pablo’s Lotus Garden and Apothecary

Cherissa began noticing a correlation between people’s skin and their overall well being early on in her career. She was drawn to how different herbal properties and oils could drastically impact mental, emotional and physical ailments well beneath the skin. Thus began her journey into plant medicine and Cherissa’s shop, Pablo’s Lotus, in Fort Worth, TX.

I believe wholeheartedly that what’s happening on the surface of our skin greatly affects our psyche, what we put on it and what we put in it, and that began my long road to Pablo’s Lotus.

Cherissa Scott, Owner of Pablo’s Lotus Garden and Apothercary

What: DIY Herbal Body Oil Class

Sharing the knowledge of plant medicine is at the root of Pablo’s Lotus. During our class, Cherissa outlined the many reasons for how she curates the seeds and soils she uses to to the very specific uses of each herb for various health properties.

Why: The More You Know

All blends are crafted with careful thought and intention. Made with herbs that have been grown and harvested organically. Many of the formulas are influenced by ancient recipes of Ayurvedic Science.

How: Visit Pablo’s Lotus

You can reach Cherissa on Instagram, Facebook, her website and, of course, in her shop at 76107 Collective. Also, keep in mind that workshops, lectures, open forum discussions and social group functions are available for scheduling.

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