About Us

Andrea Brunner,

Co-Founder, Strategic + Brand Partnerships

Andrea brings over 20 years of account management experience to her role as co-founder of The Noted Experiment. Prior to TNE, Andrea worked with a number of well-curated, award-winning publications, including Texas Monthly. She’s skilled at leveraging deep relationships to create partnerships through traditional print and digital media as well as the development and execution of multi-platform programs that weave together mobile, social and branded content. 

During this time, she met the most incredible people behind the brands she worked with, so one day, she decided to partner with some friends and start telling the stories that she #noted along the way. By virtue of the fact it was a new venture, it made sense to classify it as an “experiment” – The Noted Experiment.

In her free time, Andrea loves to laugh, drink wine and talk! She is a boy Mom, a pilot’s wife and has a passion for connecting people together…her life is definitely a story in itself.  Her favorite comeback? NOTED.

Erica Gibbins

Co-Founder, Operations + Video Creative

With a background in theater and on camera work, Erica has always had a passion for sharing creative experiences with people. From performing on stage to reporting in front of the camera, Erica has done it.

As most of us creative types know, that doesn’t always pay the bills. So, after graduating from the University of Arizona, Erica pursued a career in business and technology.  Selling technology (or anything for that matter) is a performance in and of itself and being able to marry business acumen with creativity and performing lit a fire, a passion, in Erica that she didn’t even know she had.

Being a Mom, wife (to the most creative person she knows) and lover of yoga consumes the majority of her life, but there is always room for creative expression. Enter – The Noted Experiment – and where you’ll find Erica spending most of her extra time from here on out!

Mel Bell

Co-Founder, All Things Creative + Social Media

Mel (full name is Melissa in case you’re wondering, but she doesn’t answer to that unless you’re Grandma) originally hails from the Pacific Northwest. She grew up in the Seattle area, attended the University of Colorado and moved to Texas for work just after graduation. She started her career in sales but soon thereafter found herself in a marketing role which she quickly learned was her actual calling. Mel has always had an interest in writing and art so it made for a smooth transition. Following a three-year stint in Dallas, Mel headed South for a new role in Austin which, as it turns out, was a little more her speed. So much so, she’s been known to say, “If Seattle and Boulder had a love-child in Texas — it would be Austin.”

Her experience spans B2C, B2B and non-profit specializing in corporate communications, PR and marketing. While she’s been known to churn out a ton of graphics, design websites and run social platforms, one of her favorite creative outlets is illustration.

Joining The Noted Experiment was a no brainer for Mel because she’s an avid believer in the power of storytelling, especially when it’s done in an authentic and meaningful way.

Mel is married to her better half, Tanner, and they have two rescue pups named Pippy and Nola. She and her husband have been known to compete in the occasional BBQ competition (including a 1st Place Brisket in America’s Best Historic Small Town Granbury, TX *humblebrag*).